Yarra Bay: Sydney Beach goes viral on TikTok

A Sydney beach is getting plenty of attention online and those who frequent it want it to remain a “hidden gem”.

Sydneysiders may be familiar with Yarra Bay, a beach located on the northern side of Botany Bay in the suburb of Phillip Bay, just 7km south of Sydney’s city centre.

The “stunning beach” is known for its “sparkling white sand” and crystal clear waters – and those who have only just discovered it are keen check it out.

It often attracts large crowds, particularly during summer with thanks to its vast shoreline, but some say there are “secret” secluded nooks and inlets many don’t know about — and they want to keep it that way.

“Once you get over the idea that beauty for beaches is linked only to unspoilt nature, it’s actually a pretty spectacular spot for a swim,” one woman said in an Instagram post.

“On one side it’s green-tinged calm water lapping golden sand, while on the other side it’s planes, cranes, and container ships.”

After a TikToker shared a now viral clip showing off the crystal clear water many were eager to learn of its location.

“Whaaaat, where,” one person asked.

“Where is this,” wrote another.

“My dad used to take us there as kids,” a third person said, while one person labelled it their “favourite beach in the world”.

Some TikTokers begged fellow users not to reveal the location.

“Please don’t tell people where this is,” one person wrote on the clip that’s attracted almost half a million views.

“Our place is no longer a secret,” said another., while a third added: “Was hidden five years ago not now.”

Yarra Bay is described as a “special place in Botany Bay” with significant historical and heritage value.

It is listed as a heritage item in Randwick Council’s Local Environmental Plan.

“The area has significance for the local Aboriginal community and broader community who use it as an important recreational area for swimming, diving and fishing,” it states on the council’s site.

Meanwhile, in May this year, the council won its long, five-year battle to stop a cruise ship terminal being built in the bay.

The proposal came from the NSW State Government back in 2018 – but it got scrapped following lobbying from the local community and the council.

Due to the limited capacity at the Overseas Passenger Terminal at Circular Quay and with mega cruise ships unable to fit under the Harbour Bridge to use White Bay, the government proposed Yarra Bay and Molineux Point in Botany Bay.

However, it was scrapped following massive backlash.

“We won! People power has spoken and the NSW Government has agreed NOT to proceed with a proposed cruise ship terminal for Yarra Bay,” it said in May this year.

It argued it would ruin the “iconic experience” of visitors arriving though Sydney heads, affect hundreds of marine life and boats would be prohibited from going near cruise ships – effectively destroying the local sailing club and fishing in the area.

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