Xiaomi SU7: New Chinese Tesla-killer unveiled

Chinese consumer electronics giant Xiaomi has joined a growing number of tech giants who are turning their minds to electric cars.

The Beijing-based brand, which is one of the world’s biggest smartphone manufacturers, has unveiled a sleek new electric sedan that is likely to give Tesla executives nightmares.

Xiaomi has unveiled details of the SU7 sedan ahead of its anticipated launch in 2025. And the company says it intends to become one of the top five global carmakers within 15 to 20 years.

Lei Jun, founder, chairman and chief executive of Xiaomi, appears to share Tesla founder Elon Musk’s penchant for bold predictions.

He says Xiaomi EV “will completely redefine the automotive industry”.

The Xiaomi announcement follows the news earlier this year that Huawei has teamed up with Chinese carmaker Chery to develop an electric sedan, while Sony and Honda plan to launch an electric hatchback under the Afeela badge in 2026.

Xiaomi says the company has developed three new e-motors, ironically called the V6, V6s and the Hyper Engine V8.

The V8 motor puts out 425kW and 635Nm, while the V6 has 220kW and 400Nm and the V6S 275kW and 500Nm.

Xiaomi also claims developed a battery with a claimed maximum capacity of 150kWh and a “theoretical” range of up to 1200km, although a promotional slide shared on Mr Jun’s X page refers to a 101KWh battery providing 800km of range. That is still at least 100km more range than most leading EVs on sale today.

The sedan will also have high-voltage 800v charging that allows it to take on 220km of range in five minutes of charging and 510km in 15 minutes.

China’s largest electric car maker BYD will supply batteries, as will battery specialist CATL.

The company claims to have developed world-leading autonomous driving technology that is better at defining objects, identifying changing road conditions and recognising obstacles in low visibility situations such as heavy rain and snow.

The car will have Lidar backed up by 11 high-definition cameras, three millimetre-wave radars and twelve ultrasonic radars.

Inside there will be five screens, including a 16.1-inch centre screen, two iPad like screens in the back and a huge 56-inch head-up-display on the windscreen.

The car will be integrated with the brand’s software to enable interactivity with its range of electronic devices including smartphones, wearables and tablets.

The company describes the SU7 as a “full-size high-performance eco-technology sedan” and claims it will reach 100km/h in 2.8 seconds.

To harness the supercar-like acceleration, the SU7 will have adaptive suspension and an active rear spoiler that can be employed via a button in the cabin.

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