‘WTF’: British TikTok star’s review of Airbnb shower goes viral

A shower in an Airbnb in England has hilariously been compared to the moment Augustus Gloop got stuck in the chocolate pipe in Willy Wonka.

British TikTok star Kane Hinge shared a now-viral video explaining he wouldn’t be able to have a shower at the Airbnb he was staying in because he could barely fit.

“Let me show you what I’m about to wash in. I’m not being f***ing funny. That doesn’t look plus-size friendly to me does it,” the comedian said, showing a curved shower in the corner of the bathroom.

He then proceeded to get in the shower to show just how narrow it was.

“Bit of a tight squeeze,” Hinge observed.

“What the f*** am I going to do in here? I can’t even bend down, I smash my head. Not to mention look at the f***ing height of it when I’m in it.”

Hinge was also taller than the shower head.

The video has been viewed 1.2 million times, with other TikTok users saying it left them in stitches.

“Like one of those super water slides at a theme park,” one comment read with 15,000 likes.

“Like Augustus Gloop in the chocolate pipe,” another top comment said.

“Reminds me of that scene out of ELF,” someone else added.

“It’s like a stand up sun bed,” wrote a fourth.

People started to strategise what they would do if staying there.

“If there’s a drain in the bathroom floor, I’m showering outside that coffin,” one wrote.

“Towels on the ground will be the ONLY option,” suggested a second.

Many called it “claustrophobic” and even one person said they had “nightmares about showers like that”.

One person penned: “I wish you could leave a video review.”

Hinge, who describes himself as “the big friendly ginger”, shares his food and travel adventures with his more than 625,000 TikTok followers.

Recently an Australian content creator, model and businesswoman – known online as ‘CurvySam’ – shared that she could “barely fit” into a Sydney hotel shower.

Her video lead to other travellers sharing their own experiences with unsuitable showers.

“I had a sitch like that, we had to switch rooms cause I could barely open the door and also get to the loo past the sink. It was messed up,” said one.

“I stayed at a hotel once that had a shower over bath, with fixed glass that left a super small gap at the sloped end of the bath … I could [have] maybe squeezed in, but was not risking injuring myself. So ridiculous,” wrote another.

“I stayed in a hotel in Venice. The shower door was 30cm wide and once in you couldn’t put your arms up to wash your hair!” said a third traveller.

One person suggested it could be worse, saying: “Once you are in you fit though. In the UK I stayed in an place that I had to squat to wash my hair and couldn’t lift my arms.”

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