‘World’s most luxurious caravan’ worth $1 million

The unique “super-caravan” with a built-in nono-tech cinema and wine cooler is worth a staggering £500,000 ($950,000) and was modelled after a luxury yacht.

The 30ft Caravisio Caravan sleeps two lucky owners and looks like a futuristic pod taken straight from a sci-fi movie.

Designed by German company, Knauss Tabbert, the sleek vehicle is an ultra-luxurious home that can be attached to the back of your car, The Sun reports.

They were first unveiled during the Motorhome and Caravan Show in Birmingham in 2021 but for all the caravan fans out there — it may be unfortunate news that the incredible home is not up for grabs and remains one of Knauss Tabbert’s most unique concept designs.

The recreational caravan is equipped with a range of high-end amenities, ranging from remote-controlled lighting and hi-tech entertainment systems.

Inside the silver bullet-shaped vehicle, single beds are able to be pulled out into doubles and a couch area is placed strategically next to a small, but trendy, kitchen space.

The bedroom is located at the front end of the home with a full-size, fully-functioning bathroom next door.

A slender black dining table sits next to a large window and storage space fills the area above the seating.

The wine cooler compartment is placed near the modern oven and stores up to four bottles.

And if this wasn’t enough, a sizeable nano-tech cinema area is also part of the interior features, perfect for movie nights in while on the go.

Additionally, it features charging space for a pair of electric bicycles at the rear end, and a hydraulically operated deck that completely opens the rear to the outside world.

The Caravisio Caravan took two years to design and build and boasts excellent aerodynamics thanks to its sleek design.

All of the interior features are similar to what you would see on a superyacht but on a much smaller scale.

A large lounge is located in the centre of the vehicle, and includes a frosted smart-glass dual-paned sliding door that can become fully transparent at the touch of a button.

This would allow the occupants to both watch content inside and screen it for other campground guests, should they desire it.

Knauss Tabbert put a lot of thought into the security of the high-end motorhome and even developed an app for future buyers.

The app controls the caravan’s lighting, sound, and heating and uses modern fingerprint-activated biometric technology which costs a whopping £80,000 ($152,000) to develop.

These state-of-the-art features are the reason behind the Caravisio’s price – and why they would cost more than most homes if they ever appeared on the market.

It comes after The Pebble Flow was recently unveiled by a California-based start-up last month.

The futuristic motorhome was dubbed one of the world’s most advanced caravans as it pulls its own weight, powers your home while parked, and only needs an iPhone to control it.

The self-moving motor spans 25ft in length and it can fit up to four passengers.

Another luxury “spaceship” motorhome with a built-in wine fridge, massage chairs, and garage will set you back an eye-watering £1.2 million ($2.2 million)

It was made by Dembell, a Hungary-based manufacturer, and boasts a four-seater cockpit – all leather with massage and heating options.

This article originally appeared on The Sun and was reproduced with permission.

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