World’s first AI brothel, Cybrothel replaces sex workers with sex dolls, VR headsets

Sex workers must now compete with Artificial Intelligence, as the world’s first AI brothel pioneers the future of sex.

At first glance, Berlin’s Cybrothel operates like a traditional escort business. Private suites can be booked for a few hours, or overnight, and clients choose their companion from a list of seductive names like Bimbo or Ms Schmidt.

But the Berlin bordello’s futuristic edge lies with its workers. At Cybrothel, patrons share company with life-size sex dolls instead of human sex workers.

Bimbo, Kokeshi and Co can’t move or speak, but clients interact with them in the virtual realm; donning VR headsets to watch immersive 4D porn featuring their favourite sex-bot.

They also have the option to ‘sext’ with the doll’s AI persona, thanks to a raunchy, purpose built, AI language model.

Cybrothel is the first in the world to fill its brothel with immersive AI and co-owner Matthias Smetana told his business was on a quest to develop the next-generation robotic dolls that would respond to touch and speak in real time.

The AI sex specialist said Cybrothel attracted sex industry veterans looking for a more innovative experience and first-time visitors were drawn to the pressure-free environment.

“If you are here, the only person who can judge you is yourself,” Smetana said.

“We have a lot of people who have never been in touch with sex work, who are really down to try it but are looking for a safe space. If you face performance anxiety, this doesn’t go in Cybrothel as you are dealing with sex toys, not humans.”

Smetana said Cybrothel was a beacon of an evolving sex market. Germany’s sex trade has been declining in recent years, with the number of registered sex workers down 30 per cent compared to pre-pandemic numbers.

“(Traditional) clients will be gone in the next 10 to15 years,” Smetana said. “So I think right now the sex industry will move on more in the VR direction. Having sex in the digital world and the physical world at the same time.”

Could this Berlin brothel be a glimpse into the future of Australia’s own sex industry? Emma Bennet, Senior Manager of Award-winning Townsville brothel Onyxx, doesn’t see her Aussie clientele embracing sci-fi sex.

“What our customers crave is human touch and connection. At the end of the day, there is only one type of human sexual interaction and that is the real thing!” she said.

Bennet doubts that Australian clients would be interested in paying for sex without “the real emotions, skin to skin”.

Somatic sexologist Alice Child said Cybrothels’ AI sexual experiences could offer a safe space for people to explore their sexuality.

But the Sydney-based sex educator warned against using AI to replace human intimacy, or as a way to avoid confronting anxieties.

“A place without judgement is a place without vulnerability, and sex is inherently vulnerable.”

“If you fear being intimate, avoiding sex over the long-term (by using AI), might rob you of the ability to have that really human experience with someone,” she said.

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