Video mocking Australians at McDonald’s in US goes viral on TikTok

Aussies are making fun of themselves for the way they exaggerate their accents in America.

Tamz Jade, who makes comedy skits on TikTok, shared a video of herself acting out how Australians order McDonald’s at home compared to in the States.

“Hey um can I get a Quarter Pounder meal and a soft serve ice cream, please? And can I get some extra salt on the chips and a bottle of water,” she says nonchalantly, acting out the order Down Under.

She then pretends to be ordering in the US, greeting the imaginary worker with “G’day, G’day, G’day. How are ya? How ya going?”.

She repeats her order adding emphasis on “chips” and looks around to see if anyone else heard her.

“Oh sorry, fries,” she corrects herself. “I’m from Australia, we call it chips in Australia.”

She then orders water with a heavy Aussie accent and repeats she’s from Australia before responding “oh naur, Cleo” to the news the ice cream machine is not working.

The line from the Australian show H2O: Just Add Water went viral on TikTok last year as people across the world teased Australians for the way they pronounce “no”.

Continuing her skit, Tamz Jade informs everyone the fast food restaurant is nicknamed Macca’s in Australia and asks for help with the US cash notes in order to pay, given “they’re all green, so different”.

Tamz Jade appeared to hit the nail on the head, with many Aussies hilariously admitting they exaggerate their accent deliberately or by accident.

“My accent goes full Julia Gillard when I go to USA. They love our accent,” one Aussie laughed.

“Whenever I hear an American accent my Aussie accent gets 10x Aussier,” said another.

“My husband never says ‘mate’ in Australia but it’s like every second word when he’s in the US,” one woman contributed.

“I’d never said ‘G’day’ in my life until I was in America, and I’d forgotten how to say ‘hi’ apparently,” wrote a fourth.

“Tell me why the second I step out of Australia I start pronouncing it like Austraya,” asked another.

Other comments simply stated, “accurate”, “guilty” and “can relate”.

Tamz Jade’s video has been viewed almost 800,000 times

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