US story on Adelaide being Australia’s ‘coolest’ city divides

A story in a prominent US newspaper has claimed “Adelaide might secretly be Australia’s coolest city” and as expected, it has ruffled some feathers down under.

The piece in the Wall Street Journal said the South Australian capital “offers an almost utopian alternative to the typical urban sprawl” and included a list of travel recommendations from a panel of “local insiders”.

Given Melbourne and Sydney are usually the Aussie cities gaining international attention, the global compliment quickly became a talking point back in Australia.

The article was proudly shared on social media by Adelaide Lord Mayor Jane Lomax Smith and Labor MP Justin Hanson, as well as across local media.

Adelaideans were thrilled their “underrated” city was being recognised.

“The people from other states can mock all they like but Adelaide is truly the best kept secret. It is the perfect not too big, not too small combination,” one person wrote.

“We don’t call it Radelaide for nothing,” joked another.

“Absolutely, but don’t go telling everyone. Then they’ll want to come here and cramp our lifestyle,” said a third.

Even Aussies from interstate were praising the southern city.

“I love Melbourne, but Radelaide is definitely cool. It is giving us a run for our money. Everything is so close to the city, beaches, wineries, zoos, galleries, museums,” said one Melburnian.

“I’m Melbourne born and bred and I absolutely agree! I love Adelaide!” wrote another.

“Having just visited there, it’s definitely going to become a regular place to visit. It’s definitely a cool city!” another Aussie agreed.

“I guess the good thing about Adelaide is the traffic is nowhere as bad as Melbourne or Sydney,” reasoned someone else.

But as expected, for some it reignited a state-to-state rivalry.

“It’s alive from 6.15pm till 6.45pm,” one person brutally wrote, while a second said “bet they weren’t there any time from October to May.”

“What days is Adelaide open again?” teased another.

“Sleepy little Adelaide cool. I’m sorry that person needs to get out more,” added a fourth.

A longtime Sydneysider wrote: “I can’t see any cities in Australia better than Sydney and Melbourne. That’s why I lived in Sydney over sixty years.”

“Adelaide is the most boring city I’ve been to, Brisbane and Melbourne are more cooler then Adelaide,” claimed another Australian.

While a Sydney and Melbourne rivalry is well-known, it’s not the first time the most populated cities have butted heads with the smaller capitals.

Former Victorian premier Daniel Andrews ignited a cross-border war of words in 2020 when he was asked if South Australia should open its border to Victorians.

“I don’t want to be offensive to South Australians, but why would you want to go there?” he said, telling Victorians to holiday at home.

Twisting the knife in deeper, he added: “Don’t get too stressed if they won’t let you into Adelaide, why would you really want to go there?”

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