Tourist’s shock as monkey breaks into hotel, steals vape

A tourist has shared footage of the wild moment a monkey entered her hotel room and attempted to use her vape.

The US woman, who was reportedly holidaying in Mexico, was stunned when the monkey came into the room via the balcony.

It began climbing on the furniture before jumping from one bed to another where it then helped itself to her blue vape.

“There’s another one. I think it’s going to come here and get it. You need to wake up,” she told her friend who was laying in bed.

“Hi honey, you want the apple?” she asks the monkey.

It runs back out to the balcony before racing back in, hanging off the TV cabinet. The monkey then grabs the woman’s vape as it sits on the bed where it puts it close to its mouth.

“It’s smoking my vape!” the woman yells.

The footage then cuts to the woman trying to feed it a packet of chips before it eventually runs back outside where the video ends.

Unsurprisingly, the clip received a huge reaction on social media where viewers were quick to leave a comment.

“The other girl 100% thinks she’s dreaming this,” one person said about the woman’s friend who didn’t appear phased by what was going on.

“That’s a Trip,” another added.

Bali is notorious for having cheeky monkeys that often steal tourists possessions.

Last month, one woman was left aghast when a monkey ripped up her passport.

The video of the unfortunate incident was posted on the Instagram page Idiots in Bali.

While it is unknown how the monkey got its hands on the important document, the woman in the video did try to tempt the mischievous monkey into returning it, but it refused to relinquish it.

Data reveals Australians who have had their belongings stolen by monkeys in Bali have claimed almost $17,000 from one insurance company alone in the last five years – with tourists warned to be careful around the cheeky and sometimes violent animals.

The most expensive of those Southern Cross Travel Insurance claims was for $8,560 when an Aussie traveller had their bag with hearing aids, phone and money stolen by a monkey at Uluwatu on the popular holiday island.

Australian authorities have warned travellers to be careful, with almost 150 people in NSW seeking treatment after returning from overseas with a bite or scratch this year.

Southern Cross Travel Insurance paid out $10,000 in claims involving monkey bites overseas in the last five years, with one of those claims (worth $2,656) in Bali.

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