Supermarkets shelved stripped after Mount Isa cut off due to weather – one item remains

Supermarket shelves were stripped bare at shopping centres in a Queensland town due to ex-Tropical Cyclone Kirrily, but one item remained untouched.

A Mount Isa boilermaker filmed inside the town’s Woolworths in scenes that resembled lockdown during Covid-19.

He told his followers: “This is what happens when an outback town gets isolated.”

All the fruit and vegetables, meat and frozen sections were completely empty.

Even the pet food section was stripped bare.

But one section was still fully stocked — plant-based alternatives.

“Plants-based alternatives is chockers full,” the man said gleefully.

“C***s would rather starve, go without feeding their f***ing dogs, than eat the plant-based alternatives.”

Social media users were quick to engage with the video.

Over 430,000 people viewed it and almost 700 wrote comments.

One person wrote the scenes reminded her of lockdown: “No-one wanted the plant-based items either.”

Another reminisced they didn’t “miss that, people would buy enough food for 2 months, the worst we ever had it was two weeks without food getting in.”

A third joked it was the “perfect time” for staff to clean the shelves

Others suggested people would rather eat pet food than plant-based alternatives.

Residents in north east Queensland are preparing for flash flooding and dangerous winds as ex-Tropical Cyclone Kirrily intensifies today.

The system arrived in the region on Wednesday and is tracking south along the border towards Birdsville over the weekend and early next week.

Towns such as Mount Isa have been completely cut off due to the bad weather.

About 300mm of rain is expected to fall across the region and flood warnings have been issued.

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