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JEDDAH: Saudi fans of the Marvel superheroes will soon be able to see some of their favorite characters up close and in action in Jeddah.

As part of the Jeddah Events Calendar, “Marvel Universe Live!” shows are being staged until Oct. 20 at King Abdullah Sports City Hall, one of the stops on the production’s world tour.

Visitors can look forward to witnessing their favorite superheroes come to life on stage, accompanied by captivating audio effects and stunning visual displays.

The show boasts an all-star lineup of iconic characters, including Iron Man, Captain America, Spider-Man, the Incredible Hulk, Thor, Black Widow, Star-Lord, Rocket, Gamora and Groot. Audiences can enjoy an extraordinary spectacle as these mighty heroes showcase their remarkable powers and abilities, uniting in a heroic battle against formidable villains.

Adrian Baez, the tour manager for “Marvel Universe Live!,” spoke to Arab News and shared insights about the creation of this live-action experience featuring Marvel superheroes.

When asked about the inspiration behind the show, Baez said: “Seeing how much of an impact the Marvel characters have on people worldwide and the success of the Marvel Cinematic Universe in creating emotionally engaging storylines, Feld Entertainment wanted to take it a step further. We aimed to bring these beloved characters to life in an original, action-packed story that stays true to the comic books.

“Feld Entertainment is a leading producer of family entertainment and has a great relationship with the parent company of Disney. Taking on this endeavor just made sense so we can bring more entertainment opportunities to more audience members,” he added.

To ensure an authentic portrayal of the Marvel characters, Baez revealed the extensive training and preparation the performers undergo.

“The performer athletes go through an extensive training workshop where they become conditioned to perform various stunts such as stage combat fighting, swordsmanship, fire handling, and aerial work,” he explained.

“Additionally, they receive character development opportunities to personify the Marvel superheroes and villains that fans recognize from the Marvel Cinematic Universe, animated shows, and comic books. This year, we had rehearsals for a total of about 15 weeks. We had our initial rehearsals from April to July in the US and then continued our rehearsals at the beginning of September leading up to our grand re-opening in Jeddah.”

The production incorporates special effects, stunts, and choreography to create an immersive experience for the audience. Baez noted: “From the moment audiences enter the venue, we immerse them into the world of ‘Marvel Universe Live!’ Our goal is to transport guests and evoke their childhood memories. Everything featured in our production stays true to the character storylines, incorporating elements such as motorcycle riding, fire handling, aerial silk performance, lasers, and indoor pyrotechnics.”

Coordinating such a large-scale production comes with its challenges: “Staffing the management team and technical stagehands to relaunch this enormous production was a task. Fortunately, with the support of an amazing team, we have been able to tackle these challenges as they arise,” he added.

Baez further highlighted the magnitude of the production, with over 40 performers, 41 stagehands, and numerous equipment containers that require meticulous loading and unloading.

Speaking on his excitement about the opportunity to present the show in Saudi Arabia, Baez expressed gratitude for the Kingdom’s vision in welcoming more entertainment opportunities. “We all have enjoyed our time thus far and have been overwhelmed by the hospitality and warm welcome that we have received. It has been a unique experience, especially visiting places like Old Jeddah,” he said.

Baez hopes that the audience takes away a sense of excitement and cherished memories from their “Marvel Universe Live!” experience.

“This show brings nostalgia and childhood memories back to the surface. I hope audiences appreciate seeing their favorite Marvel superheroes or villains live and in person,” he said.

Baez added that he hopes to hold similar shows in the Kingdom, considering the success of “Marvel Universe Live!” in Saudi Arabia.

“Feld Entertainment looks forward to bringing more productions here in the future,” he said.

Yousuf and Hamza, two enthusiastic young attendees of “Marvel Universe Live!,” could not contain their excitement after the show. Yousuf exclaimed: “Wow! It was like all my favorite superheroes came to life right before my eyes! The stunts and special effects were mind-blowing. I felt like I was part of the action!”

Hamza added: “I loved seeing Spider-Man swing through the air and Captain America’s epic shield throws. This show was the best thing ever! We want to see it again!”

Another thrilled attendee, Hanouf Fahad, shared her excitement: “Attending ‘Marvel Universe Live!’ was an absolute blast! The action-packed performances, stunning special effects, and incredible stunts made me feel like I was a part of the Marvel world. The smooth transitions during the show made it feel like I was watching an international and professional live production. Moreover, it brought back childhood memories.”

As “Marvel Universe Live!” continues to captivate Jeddah’s audiences until Oct. 20, this action-packed production promises an unforgettable experience for fans of all ages. Book your tickets through the Saudi Events app and share your experience using the hashtag #MarvelUniverseLive.

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