Republic of Singapore Air Force plane’s X-rated shape over Western Australia

A Republic of Singapore Air Force plane seemed to have a little too much fun when taking to the skies of Western Australia on Thursday.

Keen plane spotters noticed a rather ballsy stunt taking place on a flight tracking site that showed the Pilatus PC-21 training aircraft flying a route that appeared to resemble a penis and testicles.

Flightradar24 picked up the outline of the plane’s phallic one-hour trajectory above Bullsbrook, 41km north of Perth, on Thursday.

It took off from RAAF Base Pearce at 12.25pm before landing back around 1.28pm.

It traced what looked like one testicle, before creating a penis shape and then a second testicle.

RAAF Base Pearce is the main Royal Australian Air Force (RAAF) military air base in Western Australia — it is used for training by the RAAF and the Republic of Singapore Air Force.

Two Singaporean squadrons, the No 130 and the No 130 trainer, are stationed at the base after the Australian government signed a Memorandum of Understanding with Singapore in March 1993, covering a period of 25 years.

The document allowed Singapore to operate its RSAF pilot flying training school out of the base which allowed it to escape Singapore’s complex airspace.

It’s not the first time a crude flight pattern has been taken over the skies.

Earlier this year, an Armed Forces of Malta’s (AFM) helicopter was responsible for appearing to create a penis-shaped route over the island of Comino in Malta.

The incident left many in the aviation industry with their eyebrows raised, with the act first being spotted by

The popular website tweeted: “Meanwhile, in Malta …”

The helicopter did a series of elaborate loops that, when viewed on a map, formed the distinctive shape.

Many assumed the stunt was deliberate, however the AFM told the Times of Malta the flight pattern had been “printed out of context”.

“The flight tracking shown was segmented as the helicopter was flying low altitude and did not show the completed flight path,” a AFM spokesperon said.

The post attracted plenty of attention online with more than 10,000 likes and hundreds of comments.

“I was on the little island where it was drawing it, we thought it was searching for something, guess not ahaha,” one person wrote.

“I hope that was planned. Not just a random fly around. Excellent,” a second person added.

A third joked: “Seems like another artist at work!”

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