Qantas opens up about slain flight attendant Luke Davies

Qantas has opened up about the tragic loss of flight attendant Luke Davies who was allegedly killed by police officer Beau Lamarre-Condon.

The 29-year-old started flying with Qantas in September 2022 in Brisbane before moving to Sydney in November last year, where he flew on the carrier’s international network.

He also worked with other airlines, having a long and successful career as cabin crew.

However, his life, together with his partner and Channel 10 star Jesse Baird, were cut short allegedly at the hands of Lamarre-Condon.

“This is an incredibly sad time for those who worked alongside Luke Davies at Qantas,” Qantas Executive manager cabin crew Leeanne Langridge told in a statement.

“Luke was a much-loved member of the Qantas cabin crew community in Brisbane and Sydney.”

Ms Langridge said Mr Davies had a passion for travel, life, his family and friends and the customers that he served.

“He will be deeply missed. The whole team at Qantas are thinking of Luke and Jesse’s loved ones.” understands Qantas is providing ongoing support to all impacted team members including access to counselling services.

Mr Davies has been remembered for his warm personality and beautiful smile.

He was also known to go above and beyond for passengers with a cabin crew member revealing how the flight attendant spent more than eight hours caring for a man with severe dementia just three weeks ago.

Brooke Walters said Mr Davies was working the first class cabin on a Sydney to Singapore flight when a passenger informed him that her husband was highly impaired by the condition.

The couple were headed to Europe to see their son on what would likely be the man’s last major trip.

“She was really saddened by it because she kept saying he was the most beautiful husband and kindest man, and she was losing him to this cruel disease,” Ms Walters told the Sydney Morning Herald.

“Luke took it upon himself to care for them constantly,” Ms Walters said.

Mr Davies was said to be by the couple’s side, reassuring the husband, tucking him in, putting on a movie and even consoling his wife when she became upset.

“But the husband had deteriorated in the last three months really badly, so it was going to be their last trip to see their son, and Luke wanted it to be as comfortable as possible,” Ms Walters told the publication.

“Luke was able to support not only [the wife] but the husband and make sure she was able to get the rest she needed before their next 14-hour flight”.

She said it was a level of care that Ms Walters said brought her to tears at the time.

And she’s not the only one who has spoken highly of the 29-year-old.

A fellow flight attendant described Mr Davies as an amazing person, who was beautiful on the inside and out.

“I used to fly with Luke at Tigerair. Luke was originally ground services in Brisbane. One day I opened the L1 door and Luke was standing there smiling away. I said ‘You’re a handsome fella, you should be cabin crew’ and so he did!” they wrote on Mr Davies’ Instagram page.

“Before Luke’s life was tragically taken away from him, he was living his Dream Job as a Qantas International Flight Attendant.

“What a wonderful pleasure it was to have met you and to be your friend,” they continued. “I’m sorry you had your life tragically cut short way too soon. Fly high my friend.”

Others have also flooded his most recent post from February 16 — a series of photos of him enjoying a holiday in Vancouver — with messages of love and support.

“Rest in Peace you beautiful boy. Will miss seeing that gorgeous face. Take it easy up there, we are all devastated,” one friend wrote.

“RIP beautiful man. I’ll always remember your smile, given easily and freely, and your kind and warm presence x,” said another.

Fellow flight attendant Caroline Jamieson who Mr Davies described as his “day one”, shared a heartwarming post about her good friend and colleague.

“I miss you already. you had the most infectious positivity and radiant spirit,” she said in an Instagram post.

“You were a beacon of sunshine in everyone’s lives and always found a way to brighten everyone’s days. Your laughter was infectious to everyone around you. Your passing leaves a void that words can hardly express.”

Ms Jamieson said Mr Davies wasn’t just a close friend, “he was a source of inspiration, a constant reminder of the beauty in life”.

“Luke you will forever be in our hearts, a reminder to live each day with the same joy and warmth that you effortlessly shared with everyone around you.

“Thank you for coming into my life I will forever cherish every moment. Our table tennis matches are on hold for a while but I’ll be back to try beat your a** once again someday.”

Bodies found in surf bags

After days of searching across several crime scenes, police found the bodies of Mr Davies and Mr Baird, 26, near Bungonia, two hours south of Sydney on Tuesday afternoon.

Senior constable Lamarre-Condon was charged with killing the couple.

Karen Webb, commissioner of the New South Wales Police Force, said the discovery of the couple’s bodies was made with information provided by Constable Lamarre-Condon.

He had previously refused to co-operate, police claim, but finally did so after advice from a lawyer.

Investigators interviewed him again on Tuesday morning at Silverwater Prison, which is when he revealed their location, police say.

Police found the bodies three hours later, by about 1pm, in two surf bags.

Detectives also allege Lamarre-Condon bought an angle grinder and weights as part of his efforts to conceal the men’s bodies.

“The accused finally obtained legal counsel this morning and we were subsequently straight out to jail and asked for his assistance,” assistant commissioner Fitzgerald told reporters.

“There was an attempted interview with him [when he was first arrested] but this is the first time he has willingly told us information.”

The family of Mr Baird and Mr Davies later arrived at a crime scene on Jerrara Rd, Bungonia on Tuesday.

“The first phone call was to the families, to let them know,” detective superintendent Danny Doherty said.

Police claim Lamarre-Condon had shown “predatory” behaviour towards Mr Baird since they had briefly dated.

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