Plus-size influencer’s gripe with ‘frustrating’ shower design at Sydney hotel

An Australian content creator, model and businesswoman – known online as ‘CurvySam’ – has run into a “frustrating design” problem at a Sydney hotel.

Sam shares experiences and advice as a plus-size woman to her more than 80,000 followers on TikTok.

“I’m staying in this hotel and I can barely fit into the shower. I’m a size 20,” she said in a December video, which is continuing to attract attention.

The shower had a glass wall and gap for guests to enter, but Sam showed how difficult it was to enter through the space while even standing sideways.

“It’s itty bitty tiny,” she said. “This is not plus-size friendly and while they do have disability access rooms, I mean I just don’t want to book that because it might take away from someone who has mobility issues.”

Sam expressed her frustration further at Hotel Hacienda in Redfern, Sydney in the caption.

“Imagine paying $250+ a night for a tiny basic hotel and not being able to fit into the shower … luckily I could JUST get in,” she wrote.

“I’m fully able bodied and would never book the accessible room. And researching to see if I can fit into a shower is not something I’ve ever had thought of doing.

“Just sharing my journey of my plus size life. So no need to come at me about complaining or my body size. I’m aware I’m fat (I do have eyes).”

While some TikTok users criticised Sam, more agreed it was far too small and shared their own experiences while travelling.

“Good old Sydney, no value for money!” one person criticised.

“I had a sitch like that, we had to switch rooms cause I could barely open the door and also get to the loo past the sink. It was messed up,” added another.

“I stayed at a hotel once that had a shower over bath, with fixed glass that left a super small gap at the sloped end of the bath … I could [have] maybe squeezed in, but was not risking injuring myself. So ridiculous,” a third said.

“I stayed in a hotel in Venice. The shower door was 30cm wide and once in you couldn’t put your arms up to wash your hair!” shared a fourth.

One person suggested it could be worse, saying: “Once you are in you fit though. In the UK I stayed in an place that I had to squat to wash my hair and couldn’t lift my arms.”

“As a plus size person I hate when you have a huge step into a bath with no hand rail,” wrote another.

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