Passengers could soon have to pay extra to request plane food

Passengers could one day be charged to request meals before a flight.

Airlines are already cracking down on a number of services they offer, with many charging for seat reservations, luggage and even checking in.

But flight crew are now calling for passengers to be charged to request special meals before a flight, The Sun reports.

Flight attendants from German-based airline Lufthansa have hit back at the number of requests, Aero Telegraph reports, with there being around 11 options to choose from.

This includes gluten-free and low cholesterol meals, as well as religious requirements such as Kosher.

And crew have said some flights are having as many as 190 special meals requested.

Not only is this causing huge delays to the rest of the service, as they have to be delivered first, but they warn they also are not always labelled with the seat number and name, so make it hard to find the right passenger.

Staff are calling to limit the number of special meals per flight, or to limit the amount of options to choose from.

Some staff have even said they want passengers to pay for special meals, in the hope that would reduce the number of travellers wanting them.

A Lufthansa spokesperson said: “The range of special meals and the associated on-board service processes, like other product and service topics, are regularly reviewed and further developed.”

Next time you are choosing your plane meal, there is a way to make sure yours is the tastiest.

Mark Brega, British Airways’ executive chef previously said: “Generally, British food is very good, but it has a light flavour profile so spicier, more aromatic dishes tend to work better.

“Buttered chicken or chicken tikka masala are among our most popular dishes.”

What you should avoid is heavy meals, if you want to sleep, say experts.

Some experts say you should avoid the food on planes altogether.

Jebediah, a teacher who often travels between Vietnam and the US, said it is the only way to avoid jet lag.

He explained: “I fast on the first flight, eating at the midway airport stopover.

“I fast again on the next flight too, then eat again at the usual mealtime at my destination.”

This article originally appeared on The Sun and was reproduced with permission

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