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RIYADH: Noug, the first Saudi brand to specialize in camel milk products, has opened its first branch in Riyadh’s Al-Malqa district.

Noug is a trademark owned by Sawani, which specializes in the camel milk sector in the Kingdom and is one of the Public Investment Fund companies.

Noug was established as part of Sawani to enable the growth of the camel milk sector and to contribute to the development of a sustainable local production system.

The brand offers a range of camel milk products including cheese, butter, yogurt, gelato, laban, cream, and other derivatives of camel milk.

Noug’s camel milk also comes in a variety of flavors including chocolate, dark chocolate with orange, lavender, and cardamom milk flavors.

Commenting on Noug’s flavors, Abdullah Al-Malki, a Riyadh resident, said: “It is a beautiful thing to see, something the Saudi market has been waiting for, for decades.” 

He added: “It tastes great, and the most important thing is all of its products are free of food additives.”

Noug’s first branch in the Saudi capital offers easy and quick services for its customers through a camel milk dispenser machine, which is loaded with a selection of milk flavors to choose from and dozens of empty containers to store the milk.

The selected milk container then goes through a sanitization process, where the product is sanitized before it is dispensed.

“The sanitization step of the machine gives me a sense of assurance, and I don’t have to clean the bottle before pouring milk, which is something I have been doing since the pandemic,” said Sarah Alotaibi, a Riyadh resident.

The official opening of Noug’s first branch took place on Sept. 9, and in the coming months, Noug camel milk and its derivative products will be available in local markets.

Through Noug, Sawani aims to provide high-quality milk products to local and international markets, introduce consumers to the nutritional value and health benefits of camel milk products, raise the production capacity of camel milk and its products, and offer innovative products made from natural camel milk to contribute to enriching the dairy products market in line with the consumers’ taste in the Kingdom.

Camel milk has been part of the Kingdom’s rich heritage and traditions for centuries, and through Noug, Sawani is preserving this long heritage at the heart of the Kingdom, combining the finest traditions and nutritional values with locally produced camel milk.

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