Lollipop lady: TikTok user loses it at finding out British phrase

An American woman has revealed the common British and Aussie phrase that “shocked” her to learn in a hilarious video.

TikTok user Monica Patterson explained in a viral video over the weekend that “there’s not many things that could shock me anymore”.

“I saw a video today, and consider myself very, very, very shocked,” she said in the clip, which has been viewed 1.6 million times. “I have been dating my British husband for eight years, married for two, and only today did I learn this.”

She then played another video from TikToker and writer Brittan Tolford.

“Next time you hear a British person talking any kind of s**t about Americans, any at all, ask them what this person’s job title is,” Tolford said in the video, showing a picture of a woman with a stop sign and a “crossing guard” vest.

Ms Patterson showed the image to her husband Sam, who replied, “Um, a lollipop lady?”

The answer caused Ms Patterson to lose it. “No it’s not,” she laughed.

“Why?” her husband asked.

“That’s called a lollipop lady? What if it’s a man?” she said.

“It’s a lollipop man,” he said.

“You’re lying,” she said.

“No,” he insisted.

“That’s real?” she asked.

Mr Patterson said he “didn’t want to say it because I knew you’d laugh at me”.

“That is the cutest thing I’ve ever heard,” she said. “How have I never heard that.”

The clip has attracted thousands of comments.

“I’m Australian and say lollipop lady too,” one person said.

“Leave our lollipop ladies alone they are the sweetest people ever,” another said.

One person suggested, “I think [it’s] so children understand them. ‘Go to the lollipop lady’ for safety.”

The clip also went viral after being re-shared on X.

“British people, is this true?” the user wrote.

One person replied, “They say things like ‘arvo’ and ‘bangers and mash’ of course it’s true.”

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