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UAE, Japan hold first top-level meeting under Comprehensive Strategic Partnership Initiative

TOKYO: Sultan Al-Jaber, the UAE’s minister of industry and advanced technology, met Japanese Foreign Minister Kamikawa Yoko in Tokyo on Monday in the first ministerial level meeting under the Comprehensive Strategic Partnership Initiative.

“It is my pleasure to meet you for the first time,” said Kamikawa, who was appointed foreign minister on Sept. 13. “Please let me begin by expressing my heartfelt appreciation for the congratulations message you sent me on my appointment as the foreign minister of Japan.”

Kamikawa expressed her appreciation for the UAE’s stable supply of crude oil to Japan and the UAE’s generosity in helping Japanese companies participate in upstream development over many years. She also asked for the UAE to help in stabilizing the crude oil market and for possible production increases. 

“I must congratulate you for your new post and want you to know that I want to establish a very direct dialogue and relationship and partnership with you and expand our strategic partnership and the relationship between our two countries,” Al-Jaber told Kamikawa.

The two ministers exchanged views on the “Japan-UAE Innovation Partnership” and the “Global Green Energy Hub” concept discussed during Japanese Prime Minister Kishida Fumio’s recent visit to the UAE.  

Kamikawa expressed her appreciation for Al-Jaber’s support in receiving the Japanese prime minister in the UAE in July this year. 

“Prime Minister Kishida’s visit to the UAE in July was very fruitful,” she said. “I thank you once again for your support. Japan puts great importance on its relationship with the UAE as its strategic partner. I look forward to working together with the UAE and enhancing bilateral cooperation in various fields, as well as responding to the challenges in the Middle East region and for the international community.” In response, Al-Jaber expressed his strong hopes to strengthen bilateral relations with Japan. 

Kamikawa said that Japan was fully committed to making its utmost contribution to the success of COP28, which will take place in the UAE from Nov. 30 to Dec. 12. As COP28 president-designate, Al-Jaber explained the status of preparations for COP28 and said he looked forward to Japan’s contributions. 

The two ministers also exchanged views on cooperation in defense and in the international arena, including at the UN Security Council, and on expos and other issues.

The ministerial level meeting of the CSPI was established through the “Joint Declaration on the Implementation of the CSPI” signed between Japan and the UAE in September 2022. The two ministers agreed to continue using the CSPI framework as a forum for consultation between the two countries. 

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