LA restaurant Frog Club shares wild list of rules

This chef is laying down the rules: behave — or get chopped.

A newly-opened restaurant in New York called Frog Club in the West Village has shared a list of rules customers need to abide by including no selfies in the bathroom.

The list, published on the restaurant’s Instagram, sets out the rules for modern dining, at least at the 68-table restaurant.

They include a ban on pretending it’s your birthday to get special treatment, touching the memorabilia that serves as decor, no-showing for a reservation — or cancelling more than three times, the New York Post reports.

There is also a rule on “kissing the chef without her consent”, or you can pay $US1000 — $1500.

A patron put down the cash to peck Johnson on the cheek last week. “It was sweet,” a server told The New York Times.

Diners also have to cover their cell phone camera with a sticker upon entry and asking for a free meal is strictly off limits.

Diners also have to cover their phone camera with a sticker upon entry and asking for a free meal is strictly off limits.

On the menu, but not to be photographed, are frogs legs, spinach souffle, filet mignon wrapped in bacon and banana chiffon pie.

The restaurant, in the space on Bedford Street previously long occupied by Chumley’s, is the first for Johnson, 33, since her messy split from husband and fellow chef Will Aghajanian, 31.

The young duo most recently ran the critically acclaimed Los Angeles restaurant Horses — beloved by celebs such as Jeff Bezos, Kendall Jenner, Jay-Z, and Will Ferrell, and known for its party atmosphere and excess — together.

But, beneath the success, things were strained between the two — and allegedly violent.

“Will had a smile on his face like he was concealing a secret, and Liz seemed so tense,” a Los Angeles insider who had dealings with the couple in 2021 at the height of Horses fame told The Post. “You cold just tell there was something off.”

In late 2022, Johnson sought a restraining order against Aghajanian, which was approved. He sought his own restraining order, which was denied, in January 2023.

In May of that year, the details of their divorce proceedings — namely that Johnson accused Aghajanian of domestic violence and animal abuse — were revealed and widely reported on.

“I have had a number of cats that mysteriously ended up dying. At least one of them was examined at a shelter, and I was told she had been seriously abused,” she claimed in the filing.

Johnson also claimed in the filings that she was given another kitten late last year, which Aghajanian allegedly joked about “feeding to coyotes.”

She later claimed to have witnessed her husband abusing the animal, stating: “I caught Will violently shaking the cat late at night, and he died the next day,” she wrote. “Will put the dead cat in the trash and insisted on keeping the corpse in the house.”

Aghajanian denied Johnson’s claims in a court filing, describing them as “false allegations.”

The allegations rocked the restaurant world, and salacious rumours spread that the cat violence had been sexual in nature.

Aghajanian countered by suing Johnson, claiming her accusations were false and had been fabricated to push him out of Horses.

In June, they settled the dispute under various conditions, including staying 100 yards — or at least 10 feet when working together at Horses — away from each other.

The two met working at the famed Noma in Copenhagen and made a name for themselves with their creative, sophisticated fare at Catbird Seat in Nashville and Mimi in the West Village, before going on to open Horses.

Johnson, who declined to comment for this piece, has said Frog Club is all hers, but Aghajanian recently told The New York Times that the project, which they had once planned to open together, is in “legal limbo”.

Aghajanian did not respond to a request for comment.

This article originally appeared on the New York Post and was reproduced with permission

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