Kiwi fans annoyed Taylor Swift snubbed their country in Eras Tour

Taylor Swift fans in New Zealand are annoyed the star ditched their country as part of her Eras tour.

Swift, who is undoubtedly the biggest celebrity in the world right now, just wrapped up playing three shows in Melbourne before jetting to Sydney where she will conclude the Aussie leg of her tour with four shows at Sydney’s Accor Stadium, starting tonight.

Kiwi fans are hopeful the pop icon will swing by the neighbouring country, even just to explore its picturesque landscape, after it failed to make the cut in her highly-anticipated Eras tour that’s predicted to earn her a sweet $3.5 billion.

“I feel pretty guttered,” Swift fan Tessa Peddy from Wellington, told

“I was full expecting we’d be on the list when she started releasing all the tour dates.

“When it got to Australia and this region, to be honest I initially thought she’s just sorting some things out and will make the announcement about Auckland and Wellington … but it never came.”

The 26-year-old said she was lucky to see Taylor perform in NZ back in 2012 for her Speak Now tour, but would love to see her again after struggling to get tickets to her Aussie shows.

“I have been a huge fan since Fearless came out (in 2008). Her songs are so relatable, you can jump around to them, cry to them and also the fact it brings so many people together — I have made so many new friends because of her.”

Tessa, who made it clear she still loves the popstar, tried to nab tickets to her Melbourne and Sydney shows after a few re-releases but said it was too costly.

“The financial impacts to just get there with flights and accommodation were so high. On top of the actual ticket … it would have been cheaper if she just came here.”

Fellow Kiwi fan Chaz, who also lives in Wellington, managed to nab tickets to a Sydney show, but it has left him $3,000 out of pocket after deciding to extend his stay.

“I’m going to Brisbane for three days, then Sydney for five days, then Melbourne for five days, which meant the NZ flights were $300 each way instead of the $700-$900 they were originally around the concert weekend going Wellington to Sydney,” he told 9 News.

Chaz also spent around $700 on his outfits for the shows, including a pair of custom Nikes specifically for the Eras Tour.

Another fan, Nina, 27, from Auckland, had to cough up $1400 for a Sydney show — this includes tickets, food and outfits.

Interestingly, Taylor didn’t take her 1989 show to NZ, despite filming a music video there while touring Australia.

She filmed Out of the Woods at Bethell’s Beach in Auckland and in the mountain ranges surrounding Queenstown.

However, following her Speak Now tour Taylor returned to the country in 2103 for the Red tour, and then in 2018 for Reputation.

But Kiwi fans have been miffed as to why their country has been missed off the list for her biggest tour yet.

Some speculate the reason is because there isn’t a stadium big enough for her massive production — and new legion of fans.

“NZ doesn’t have a venue big enough is probably the main issue here, both for the size of the Eras Tour production and also the demand,” one person wrote on Facebook.

“Her stage is too big to fit into any of our stadiums (one of the reasons NZ didn’t get the 1989 tour) so unless she makes her space smaller I highly doubt she’ll make it,” another added.

However, according to Tourism New Zealand, there’s plenty of spaces Taylor can perform at that will cater to her mass production.

“Aotearoa has a great reputation for hosting world-class events. Last year, we co-hosted the FIFA Women’s World Cup, welcoming thousands of manuhiri (visitors) across the North Island and South Island,” Andrew Waddel, general manager Australia – Tourism New Zealand, told

“Several stadiums across New Zealand can host superstars like Taylor Swift. Eden Park Stadium in Tāmaki Makaurau Auckland is a great example.”

He said the country would love to welcome Taylor and Travis and “extend our manaakitanga — a Māori expression for hospitality and generosity”.

“She has a loyal fan base in Aotearoa who are keen to see her explore all there is on offer.

“New Zealand is only a three-hour flight from Sydney, and Taylor’s schedule suggests she has six days before the Singapore leg of the tour.

“That’s plenty of time for them to head over, explore, and unwind. If Taylor can travel from Tokyo to LA in a matter of days, anything’s possible.”

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