Jetstar passenger refused pen on flight: Travel influencer David Lazickirk pays $5 for pen on flight to Korea

A Jetstar passenger was left fuming after a series of mishaps on a flight to Korea, including a flight attendants’ refusal to let him borrow a pen.

Travel influencer Douglas Lazickirk was flying with the budget airline to Seoul on Sunday when he realised he had no pen to fill out his incoming passenger card.

In a video viewed more than 22,000 times on TikTok, he retells the moment a flight attendant refused to let him borrow her pen.

“She said, ‘No you can’t borrow my pen but you can buy one for $5 … or when you arrive, you can use one at the airport’,” Mr Lazickirk recounted.

“So you’re seriously not going to give me your pen, just to use?” he replied.

He claims she said “I don’t have to give you my pen”, so he caved and offered to purchase one.

The travel vlogger claims this was not the first frustrating encounter with staff on the Jetstar flight.

Earlier, he tried to purchase a lasagne, a snack and a Solo soft drink for an eye-watering $20.15.

“I handed the guy my card, he swiped it, and swiped it and swiped it and then he said to me it’s not working,” Mr Lazickirk said.

He offered up a second card, which worked immediately. However, when he landed in South Korea later that day, he checked his bank account to find he had been charged twice for the meal.

He said it took him close to an hour to request a refund through Jetstar’s website, which included attaching screenshots of the double payment, and was told he would receive a reply in 15 business day – or about three weeks.

It could then take another seven to 15 business days to receive the refund.

“It’s taking forever just for $20,” Mr Lazickirk said. “It’s ridiculous but how many people are Jetstar doing this to?”

Jetstar has been contacted for comment.

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