Japanese tourist visiting Australia racially abused in vile rant

A tourist has filmed the horrific moment an Australian woman began racially abusing him on the street.

Kentaro Jin – otherwise known as ‘Catman’ – is a Japanese tourist who is making it is mission to walk across Australia dressed in a leopard suit in a bid to “make people smile”.

With nothing more than a wheelbarrow full of some supplies, the traveller began his journey in November 2023 starting from the remote town of Carnarvon, situated 900km north of Perth.

His mission is to walk all the way across to Sydney, donning his cat suit and pushing his wheelbarrow the entire trip.

Over the last few months, Mr Jin has made his way down south, with the tourist most recently crossing the coastal Western Australian town of Dunsborough, located 250km south of Perth.

While his Instagram page is usually filled with happy memories of the stunning spots he has visited and the friends he has met along the way, his latest post is quite the opposite.

In a disgusting video clip shared earlier this week, Mr Jin was approached by a woman with an Australian accent demanding to know who he was and what he was doing, before launching into a tirade of racial abuse.

“Chinese f**king Communist Party or what? What the f**k is going on? You don’t know Chinese?” she began.

“You never heard of China? China! Chinese people. OK you stay there. I’m calling the police.”

Mr Jin attempted to explain to the furious woman that he was in fact, Japanese.

However, she continued to accuse of him being a “spy” from the Chinese Communist Party.

It then seemed to sink in that Mr Jin was not from China, but from Japan, at which point she began making bizarre and racist comments about people with “Japanese eyes”.

At one point in the clip, she appears to take her fingers and stretch out the corner of her eyes when asking Mr Jin if he know about “Chinese people”.

“I don’t know about China, I’m Japanese. Look at my ID,” he pleaded with the woman.

“You’re Japanese? You say you’re Japanese? Japanese eyed people …” she said, before appearing to make a spitting motion and stamping her foot on the ground.

“Take your f**king mask off! Are you a CCP spy? Are you a Communist Party spy?” she continued.

“Who are you? What are you doing here? Show me your ID. I don’t give a f**k.”

The woman ended up pulling over a car driving by and before long, a small crowd of people appeared.

Mr Jin explained the situation to them and that he was walking across Australia.

He said the strangers “stood by his side” as the woman continued her heated racist spray.

“I started this style of travel with the desire to make many people smile,” he wrote on the clip shared to Instagram.

“However, there are times when people turn on me because of differences in the way I think.

“I am Asian, and I cannot speak English well or listen to it perfectly. But many people in Australia accept me and are very kind to me.

“I love Australia because of such kind people.”

After sharing footage of the disgusting exchange on social media, he was met with an overwhelming amount of support and concern from his followers.

“Honestly you should have called the police, this is unacceptable and isn’t tolerated in Australia,” one said.

“Really shameful.”

“Cat man, this behaviour is not representative of our country,” another shared.

“I am sorry you had to go through this.”

“Sorry you experienced such blatant and mindless racism,” one commented.

“Unfortunately some ‘Australians’ have a very certain culture of racism.

“You are very welcome to do what you are doing and don’t need to present your ID to a member of the public to prove anything.”

“I am an Australian living in Japan and have never experienced racism here,” another fan shared.

“I’m sorry you were subjected to this kind of behaviour. I couldn’t imagine how I’d feel if something like this happened to me in a foreign country.”

The frightening experience appears not to have deterred ‘Mr Catman’ too much however, with the traveller continuing to share happy updates from his trip online.

He was most recently spotted enjoying a beer in a Karridale pub before he spent the night camping in the town of Augusta, located 322km south of Perth.

In news.com.au’s Great Aussie Debate launched last year, a whopping 54 per cent of people thought that Australia was a racist country.

More than 50,000 people took part in the survey which, among a vast field of other questions, asked “Is Australia a racist country?”.

Of those a whopping 54 per cent settled on “Yes” and just 38 per cent said “No” while eight per cent were unsure.

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