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CAIRO: The Egyptian Public Prosecutor decided on Saturday to reopen the investigation into the death of Naira Salah El-Zoghbi, a 21-year-old veterinary medicine student at El-Arish University in North Sinai whose death 10 days ago was originally recorded as a suicide.

Allegations of blackmail and bullying linked to El-Zoghbi’s death have been circulated widely on social media.

Ahmed Salama, the lawyer representing El-Zoghbi’s family, told Arab News: “The prosecution ordered the exhumation of the victim’s body to determine the cause of death. Her grave in the village of Meet Tarif, her hometown in the Dakahlia governorate, was opened under security surveillance to take necessary samples.”

Salama added: “Investigations are underway to uncover the circumstances of the girl’s death, awaiting the forensic report that will be issued and announced in due time.

“There might be a criminal angle because we learned that a cat which drank from the same cup as Naira died instantly.”

El-Zoghbi’s father Salah said: “I do not know the details of what Naira faced, but we approached the prosecution after finding threatening messages from some of her peers on her phone.

“I was unaware of what exactly happened to my daughter, but I was surprised by a call from the university requesting my presence. Upon arrival, I learned of Naira’s death without knowing the cause. After going to the hospital, it turned out my daughter died from acute poisoning, and her body was released for burial last Sunday.”

He added: “I was surprised by (claims) on social media that several of her peers had blackmailed her due to disputes and because she was distinguished and excelled academically. However, I did not know the nature of these problems or the blackmail. Naira used to talk to her mother and tell her about some normal issues with her peers, but she didn’t know the real reasons behind these problems.”

Egyptian newspapers quoted El-Zoghbi’s mother as saying that she received a call from her daughter, who was in distress due to severe “cramps and vomiting.”

Her mother advised her to take some painkillers, but, shortly after, the university called to inform the family that El-Zoghbi had been taken to hospital. By the time her family arrived in El-Arish, El-Zoghbi had already been pronounced dead.

One of El-Zoghbi’s fellow students, who asked to remain anonymous and was among those who initiated the “Justice for El-Arish Student” campaign on Facebook, told Arab News: “I joined peers in a campaign to demand justice for Naira, and we found overwhelming support.

“We knew there were disputes between (Naira) and one of her roommates following a verbal altercation in the presence of several students.

“Some students said that her roommate had secretly photographed her in the bathroom to humiliate and bully her due to the altercation that occurred between them.”

Some of El-Zoghbi’s friends claimed her roommate had sent El-Zoghbi threats, demanding an apology and warning that otherwise she would expose her by posting her pictures on social-media platforms.

El-Zoghbi apparently complied and apologized on a private WhatsApp group for the university’s students.

A source from the university administration revealed details of the incident to Arab News, saying: “The student swallowed a pesticide pill while she was on campus and survived for more than 12 hours. Attempts were made to treat her at the hospital, but she eventually passed away.”


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