First Indonesians leave Gaza after difficulties to ensure safe passage

LONDON: The charity Medical Aid for Palestinians will benefit from a fundraising gala titled “Come Dine for Palestine 2023” on Nov. 12, an event it describes as a night of “hope and solidarity” for the Palestinian people.

The ticketed event, at Eternity Hall in the Walthamstow area of London, was organized by British Pakistani human rights activist Arifa Nasim and “promises to be a remarkable gathering filled with entertainment, inspiring guest speakers and an auction, all in support of MAP’s vital work.”

MAP is a UK-based charity with offices in London, Lebanon, the West Bank and Gaza City. It describes itself as working for the health and dignity of Palestinians, and says that “in the face of unprecedented challenges and uncertainties” it has “continued to be a beacon of hope for Palestinians living under occupation and as refugees.” It adds that it responds swiftly to crises and works hand-in-hand with communities on long-term health and well-being initiatives.

“Our unwavering commitment to the health and dignity of the Palestinian people remains at the core of our mission,” the charity said. “The year 2023 has proven to be one of the most demanding and trying periods for Palestinians. The need for access to essential healthcare has never been more critical.

“It is in these challenging times that the support of compassionate individuals and organizations like Arifa Nasim and ‘Come Dine for Palestine 2023’ becomes a lifeline for countless Palestinian families.”

MAP added that the funds raised during the gala next week will play a pivotal role in its efforts to provide essential medical supplies, mattresses, blankets and hygiene kits to people in need in Gaza and across the Occupied Palestinian Territories.

In the face of the current conflict, as the relentless Israeli bombardment of the besieged territory continues, hospitals in Gaza are overwhelmed, short of medical supplies and often lack electricity. So far it has reportedly killed at least 9,060 Palestinians, including 3,760 children, with many more injured and 1.4 million displaced.

“MAP is proud to be an independent, non-political, non-sectarian international humanitarian organization,” the charity said. “We operate with a steadfast commitment to alleviating the suffering of Palestinians and ensuring their access to essential healthcare services, regardless of their background or circumstances.

“Medical Aid for Palestinians extends its deepest gratitude to Arifa Nasim for her unwavering dedication to our cause. Her tireless efforts in organizing this fundraising event will make a significant impact on the lives of Palestinians facing adversity.”

The keynote speech at the fundraiser will be delivered by Swee Chai Ang, MAP’s co-founder, and will be hosted by British-Pakistani TV presenter Tahreem Noor.

“We call upon all who believe in the importance of health, dignity and compassion to join us in supporting the ‘Come Dine for Palestine 2023’ dinner,” the charity added.

“Your participation and generosity will be instrumental in helping MAP continue its mission to provide essential healthcare and support to those in need.”

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