Expat shocked by Aussie shopping centres

The Aussie way of life always tends to leave some expats in disbelief — whether its our laid-back attitude or unique way of words.

Whatever it is, they’re often left “baffled” and can’t help but post about their culture shock online.

One US woman, who goes by the TikTok handle, ‘beefystuu’, was so taken back by our shopping centres, she dedicated an entire clip on it, leaving Aussies in stitches.

“Shopping centres in Western Australia, or maybe just Australia as a whole, are just so much better than the ones back home,” she said in the clip.

“They have grocery stores, they have Aldi, they got this place called Coles. They got every freaking restaurant and cuisine that you can think of.”

The expat filmed herself walking through Karrinyup Shopping Centre in Perth as she spoke about her surroundings.

“It’s just so nice,” she continued. “Like, seriously I feel like I’m in Dubai.”

“They have a pharmacy too in the shopping centre.”

She then came across Kmart and tried to pronounce it but struggled.

“To remind you guys, I’m at a shopping centre and they have a whole deli here … like this is a shopping mall and they have a fresh market.

“America could never ever,” she said.

One thing that “blew her mind” was how people walked around the centre with a trolley or basket.

“[They] put everything in a cart from one store and walk around the mall and still carry the cart — that’s not something you would see in the States.”

“They have a plethora of different grocery stores in a shopping mall … it’s so cool.”

The 26-year-old then filmed herself in a bathroom — and also couldn’t believe her eyes.

“Dude, they have a whole area you can sit down and charge your phone and they got like medical spots in these malls. This is crazy, this is crazy.”

The video has racked up almost 1 million views with Aussies wondering what shopping centres in the US look like — if not like ours.

“I’m so confused about what’s in your malls if ours are impressive. I thought America would win in the retail department,” one person wrote.

“Wait … there’s aren’t grocery and chemists stores in shopping centres over there?! That is WILD to me. Definitely a thing all over Australia,” wrote another.

A third asked the expat “what are American malls like” to which she responded: “Some are really nice, but you won’t see any grocery stores or a plethora of specialty stores.”

“Just a lot of designer shops and that’s it. Other ones are just down right ghetto and embarrassing lol”

One Aussie who recently visited America described the shop situation as “annoying”.

“Hahaha I just got back from the states and it was so annoying having to go from the mall to another shopping centre to go grocery shopping or then to the pharmacy,” they wrote.

The expat responded: “It honestly is like that and some Americans are lying and saying we got this too and compare it to target, I’m like OK where did you go in the US?”

When Aussies told her some shopping centres have apartments on top, she was left shocked.

“In Sydney we have a “Mall” called Top Ryde that also has apartments on top as well as bowling, minigolf, and movie theatre,” one man wrote.

“NO WAYYYY,” she replied.

The expat has also shared other clips about her time in Australia including trying Anzac biscuits for the first time, a sausage roll and her experiences with public transport.

“I’m going to go home and visit my family and friends for a couple of months then come back to Australia for a year or so 🙂 but I’ll be documenting my travels back home and show you guys cool stuff,” she told her followers.

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