‘Dreamy’ Aussie beach giving tourists ‘goosebumps’

Tourists are raving about a “dreamy” Aussie beach just 45 minutes from a popular city in Western Australia.

TikTok and Instagram have become inundated with posts showing off Little Beach, a “stunning” spot known for its crystal clear waters on the southwest coast in the Albany region.

Visitors say the “quiet, unspoilt, beautiful bay” is well-worth the short drive from Albany, a city known for its surrounding beaches.

“As soon as I got out the car and looked at Little Beach I got goosebumps instantlyyyyy, the most beautiful beach I’ve ever seen!” British blogger Samantha wrote in an Instagram post.

She raved about its blue clear waters and squeaky white sand, adding it’s the “dreamiest beach in my opinion”.

“Little beach is about a 45-minute drive out of Albany, but worth every minute!”

Her post has clocked more than 32,000 likes and hundreds of comments.

“Looks better than the Whitsundays!” one person said.

“Was definitely one of the highlights of my short WA road trip. Didn’t quite make it to Esperance because of the weather but I’m glad I stopped in at this gem,” another person wrote.

“It’s a paradise beach. We love it,” a third person chimed in.

Little Beach is somewhat sheltered by the headland but its bright turquoise waters make it easy to spot.

To get there visitors need to follow a flight of stairs which descends from the car park to the beach.

It also offers great views towards Mt Manypeaks and Waychinicup National Park to the north. Meanwhile, the far southern side of the beach has a path over the headland to Waterfall Beach where a waterfall gushes down from the rocks and on to the beach.

One TikToker said she was going to skip visiting Little Beach, but was “so glad we decided to check it out”.

Her clip showed drone footage of the secluded beach as people swam in the crystal clear waters.

“I love this beach!!! It was so beautiful,” one person commented.

“Omg!! so gorgeous,” another stunned viewer added.

Others took to social media to rave about Western Australia having the best beaches in the country.

“Don’t care what anyone says.. WA have the best beaches in Australia! We’ll keep taking the awards out,” a proud local wrote.

“WA just wins all the best beach contests – it’s amazing. Untouched. Pristine. Beautiful,” said another.

While Little Beach hasn’t won any awards or titles, plenty of others in the state have including Madfish Bay, William Bay National Park, which was voted Tourism Australia’s top 10 beach in Australia.

Turquoise Bay near Exmouth was ranked 16th in Enjoy Travel’s annual 50 Best Beaches in the World list.

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