Chris Hemsworth’s daughter watches dad’s movie Thor on plane

Chris Hemsworth has shared a hilarious post that revealed a lot about his young daughter’s movie-watching habits.

In the post, which was shared to Instagram on Tuesday, Hemsworth’s daughter, India Rose, was flying on a plane in what appeared to be first class.

The 11-year-old was seen lounging in an aeroplane seat, headphones on and tucked in, watching none other than her famous dad on the in-flight entertainment.

The camera panned to a shot of Hemsworth in Thor: Ragnarok, as “Happy to be here” by WookieFoot played over the top.

“I swear it was her choice #familyloyalty,” Hemsworth captioned the sweet post.

Fans were thrilled by the show of support from India Rose and took to the comment section to express their delight.

“‘Dad, do you know who this actor is?’ Chris: ‘Of course I know him, it’s me!’” one person joked.

“Thor from multiverse watching Thor,” quipped another.

“Don’t let her watch Love and Thunder,” wrote a third, referencing the Thor sequel in which India Rose herself stars.

The young Hemsworth is an actor in her own right. As well as Thor: Love and Thunder, India Rose has also appeared in Limitless (2022) and Marvel Studios: Assembled (2021).

She is the eldest child of Hemsworth and his wife, Spanish actor Elsa Patay, who married in 2010. The couple also shares nine-year-old twin boys, Sasha and Tristan Hemsworth.

Other commenters, however, were bizarrely incensed by the Hemsworths’ decision not to fly economy.

“Your daughter choosing daddy’s movie on her massive first class seat? Cute. The fact that almost none of your fans will ever even come close to flying in a seat like that and you don’t even realise that … utterly tone deaf,” one person raged.

Others defended the Thor star, writing: “People getting triggered Chris’s family flying first class. If you could do the same you would. Good on ya mate!”

Hemsworth is on an unofficial break from acting after experiencing a health scare in recent years.

While filming the Disney+ docu-series Limitless, Hemsworth learned he was eight to 10 times more likely than the average individual to develop Alzheimer’s disease, which contributed to the death of his granddad.

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