Chris Hemsworth: Aussies gross out tourists by not wearing shoes

Australians have been exposed for constantly going barefoot – and it is a habit that is horrifying the rest of the world.

Some things are just uniquely Australian, like understanding that Keith Urban is one of our biggest celebrities even though most of us can’t name a single one of his songs since 2008, or knowing that the best way to divide a dinner party is asking the table if they think Guy Sebastian should have beaten Shannon Noll in the first season of Australian Idol.

By dinner party, of course, I really mean barbecue.

Something that is a common sight in Australia – besides Barnaby Joyce wearing a giant Akubra for any occasion – is people not wearing shoes.

It is not unusual to see at least one person’s trotters on full display practically anywhere. It could be at the shopping centre, it could be at the train station, and it’ll definitely happen at this year’s Melbourne Cup when someone’s feet get sore from their heels.

It is something we’ve all learned to live with, like the fact that Jessica Mauboy insists on singing her answers during purely talking interviews.

A tourist recently took to TikTok to expose Australia and posted a video that just showed various Aussies going about their public lives while not wearing shoes.

“Serious question: why do so many Australians walk around without shoes on?” they asked

They also added that they thought this proof confirmed that Australians hate shoes and, naturally, the Aussies were quick to defend themselves and stand by our fleshy behaviour.

“We are just built differently,” someone bragged.

“Shoes are for horses,” another argued.

“There’s no need for shoes,” an Aussie claimed.

Were the arguments based on fact? Absolutely not, but that wasn’t going to stop anyone from defending Aussies’ right to have our feet out.

TikTok is filled with tourists sharing videos where they express their shock that Aussies often roam around without any foot coverings and it always gets a huge reaction.

People from other countries are flat-out disgusted by the naked foot behaviour going on down under.

“This is weird,” someone commented.

“In the USA, no shoes, no shirt, no service,” another shared.

“This looks painful,” someone else said.

“I just couldn’t,” another revealed.

“Health and safety alert! You could step on something sharp and get diseases. Please be safe,” another advised.

“I don’t know why but it gives me ick,” another wrote.

“This is disgusting,” one claimed.

No amount of disgust, though, will ever stop an Aussie from getting their hoofs out. Even our famous people like to do some skin-to-skin with the concrete pavement.

Chris Hemsworth is always quick to get the clip clappers out and is seen swanning around town with no shoes,

Yes, he is a huge star, incredibly rich and handsome and has the kind of success that most Neighbours actors can only dream about, but that doesn’t mean he isn’t going to the trotters out.

Hemsworth’s free-foot behaviour has even rubbed off on his Spanish wife, Elsa Pataky.

Sure, she oozes effortless glam, but she’s still happy to get the piggies out and wander around town.

Similarly, Jacob Elordi, the upcoming star of the new Elvis flick, also known for being impossibly tall and starring in Euphoria, has been seen getting his dogs out in Malibu.

While Hemsworth tends to free his earth grippers when he is in Australia, Elordi has taken the matters overseas, and someone will need to tell him that he isn’t in Brisbane anymore.

Elordi is fast becoming a sex symbol but there is a concern that when his international fans get wind that he likes to get the flippers out without any foot coverings, they might not be as sold on him.

It is the kind of behaviour that is only seen as normal in Australia, and you only have to check the mass tourist shock on TikTok to confirm it.

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