Australian woman reveals KFC burger in Japan that needs to be on menus Down Under

An Aussie woman has revealed the international KFC burger she hopes to see Down Under, following a surprise trip to Tokyo in Japan.

Sydney executive assistant Lisa Wenban, won a trip to Japan’s capital city as part of the fast food restaurant’s ‘Kentucky Fly Chicken’ campaign.

The campaign, which runs until March 18, will see a handful of Aussie fried chicken fans travel to certain destinations around the world and experience KFC in a foreign land.

Ms Wenban, who is a self-confessed fried chicken addict, was the first of the competition winners to travel abroad — and revealed there was one burger while visiting Tokyo that she hopes will make its way to our shores.

“I had the Wafu Cutlet Burger, which was like a crumbed chicken fillet, teriyaki sauce, cabbage and mayonnaise on this super soft bun,” the 32-year-old told

“I 10 out of 10 wish we had it here.”

The KFC fanatic said while nothing will ever compare to the fast food chain’s Zinger Burger, the Japanese staple comes a very close second.

“Australia does it [KFC] better,” she said. “I think it’s the freshness, and the Zinger has always been my go to.

“Although, they had a bread that was a dessert bread and that had a honey maple syrup that was pretty yum. But the salt they put on their chips was a little different.”

The competition, which is a world first for the chain, means KFC fans can go in the running to taste international KFC menu items.

To win, participants need to download the KFC App, find the hidden international menu items which have never been seen in Australia, add them to their cart and go into the draw.

While Ms Wenban said a large chunk of her five-day jaunt in Tokyo was centred around food, she also did a day trip to Mt Fuji, street Go-Karting, a visit to Disneyland, and tours of the fish and night markets.

When it comes to unique dining experiences with KFC, diners really are spoiled for choice.

In the Philippines, fans might like to try the Double Down Dog.

In China, where KFC is the most popular fast food chain in the country — the most popular is the chicken and seaweed rice bowl, peach tea, congee (or rice porridge) and breakfast sushirittos, an interesting blend of sushi and burritos. And in Brazil, well, you can grab yourself a chicken burger — topped with creamed corn.

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