Australian surfing champ Mark Richardson fighting for life in Bali

A surfing champion has made an urgent plea for help after a horror infection while holidaying left him fighting for life in an Indonesian hospital.

Mark “Richo” Richardson was admitted into intensive care following an infection and serious blood loss while on the island of Bali over the weekend.

In an Instagram post, the four-time Australian Surfing Championships winner called for blood donations as he awaited emergency transport.

“Hey guys, this is a bit of a serious post. I am in a Bali hospital and desperate need of some blood transfusions. I have lost a lot blood,” he said.

“My blood type is rare to find in (Indonesia). I am looking for anyone who is A negative or O negative to help me recover from this problem.”

An image attached to the post showed Richardson bed-bound in hospital with a tube being fed into his nose while he typed a message on his phone.

Based on the Gold Coast, Richardson rose to prominence at multiple surfing championship competitions, before a controversial doping scandal.

Richardson was stripped of his 2011 World Masters Title two years later for testing positive to cannabis, the first in the sport surfing community.

At the time, Richardson received support from the surfing community, before becoming one-time coach to surfers Joel Parkinson and Courtney Conlogue

A GoFundMe campaign was set-up over the weekend to help cover the cost of a “med-vac” for the surfer so that he could return to Australia.

As of Tuesday, the account had so-far raised more than $10,000, with the organiser, friend Fiona Meyer, saying his insurance was taking “forever”.

“We are desperately seeking funds to medi-vac Mark Richardson back to Australia from Bali to save his life. He doesn’t have time,” Ms Meyers said.

That same morning, Richardson renewed his calls for donations on Instagram and shared an identification slip necessary for him to receive the blood.

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