Aussie woman’s run-in with huge spider goes viral

A painfully awkward attempt by a group of young Aussie women to remove a giant spider has the internet in stitches.

TikToker Chloe Baradinsky posted a very relatable video of her trying to extract a huntsman from a bedroom in her Sydney home.

The giant spiders (up to 15cm) are common in Australia and can help control pests.

They are not generally considered dangerous and usually run away rather that attempt to bite humans.

In the viral clip, Ms Baradinsky approached the spider armed with a glass bowl and a sheet binder.

“I don’t think I’m going to die from it,” she said tentatively.

“Is anyone better at this, are you good at spiders?”

She gathered her courage and attempted to trap the huntsman in the bowl, but retreated in panic and the spider escaped.

“Guys FYI we couldn’t find the spider after this so we just had to learn to coexist,” Ms Baradinsky explained.

The reaction on the internet was predictably stunned.

“If I saw a spider that large in my home I’d probably just have to move out LOL,” Abby Tait wrote in the comments.

“I’d genuinely call the police,” another quipped.

“Of course it’s in Australia,” wrote another.

“I thank god every single day that I’m not living in Australia, cause ain’t no way I’m surviving that. Y’all stay safe though,” another added.

“Nah that’s the spider’s house now.”

The fun times don’t stop in the “girl house”, with a spider later spotted high up on a wall.

Footage posted with the title “It’s raining spiders” showed women with a broom trying (and failing) to remove an arachnid from their home.

They managed to dislodge the spider from the wall but again fled wildly in panic as it dropped to the ground.

Although huntsmans are not dangerous, Sydney is home to some lethal spiders.

The Sydney funnel-web spider is one of the most deadly in the world.

The redback spider (also known as the Australian black widow) is also found right across Australia, and large females are responsible for most bites on humans.

A bite from a redback is capable of causing serious illness and death.

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