Aussie father’s tragic end to NYE Bali trip: motor accident

An Australian father’s New Year’s Eve plans have taken a tragic turn, after a scooter accident left him hospitalised and fighting for his life.

Kevin Malligan, 24, was involved in a serious scooter accident as a passenger on the 29th of December, while on a holiday in Bali.

He fell off the back seat of a moped, hitting his head on the road, suffering a brain bleed and fracturing a bone in his neck.

Mr Malligan was taken to an Indonesian hospital where he remains in an induced coma.

His wife, Leah Malligan, who is 32 weeks pregnant, has made the decision to fly to Bali to say goodbye to her husband, in fear of the worst.

Mr Malligans’ in-laws, Jodie and Belinda French, are desperately trying to raise funds for his care and safe return to Australia and have set up a GoFundMe after his travel insurance refused to cover his medical expenses.

“This is a very difficult and emotional time for all of us,” the Malligans wrote on the GoFundMe page.

“There will be some substantial medical and other bills that will be forthcoming after such a surgery.”

“We can only hope and pray for them in this time of great difficulty,” they said.

Leah and Kevin have a two-year-old daughter, Ivy, and are expecting their second child in February 2024.

His wife said the next 24 hours are the most crucial in determining whether or not he recovers.

“The next 24 hours is the most crucial because it’s up to him and his own body, whether he recovers or not,” Ms Malligan said to The Sunday Telegraph.

“He wasn’t doing anything silly, or drinking.”

“He and his friend just hit a bump in the road four minutes away from where they were meant to be.

“I tried to get him travel insurance that would cover scooters, but there was nothing,” she said.

“Already our medical expenses are up to 90 grand and we still have to somehow get him home.”

Generous Aussies have already donated more than $50,000 to help the family in their time of need, with words of support pouring in from across the country.

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