American tourist blown away by Coles trolley on travelator

An American tourist has been blown away by Aussie travelators.

After visiting the supermarket inside a Westfield shopping centre in Perth, the US traveller, who goes by the TikTok handle ‘beefystuu’, took her Coles trolley on the travelator.

“Look, I’m not even touching the cart or trolley and it’s not slipping, and I think that’s super cool,” she said in a video.

Trolleys used in shopping centres that have travelators have special brake legs on the wheels for safety.

American woman shocked by travelators in Australia

‘Beefystuu’ has been documenting her everyday experiences in Australia from catching the bus or visiting the shopping centre to trying a meat pie, Anzac biscuit or acai bowl.

“I think the tourism board needs to get a hold of her to help promote tourism in WA,” one Aussie joked over her excitement on the travelator.

“Obsessed with your energy, this is so fun seeing the place I live from new eyes,” said another.

Americans are learning about Australia through her eyes too, with one asking, “A shopping kart is called a trolley there?”

In an earlier video, ‘beefystuu’ said shopping centres in Western Australia were “just so much better than the ones back home”.

She filmed herself walking around Karrinyup Shopping Centre in disbelief, leaving Aussies in stitches.

“They have grocery stores, they have Aldi, they got this place called Coles. They got every freaking restaurant and cuisine that you can think of,” the 26-year-old said.

“It’s just so nice,” she continued. “Like, seriously I feel like I’m in Dubai.

“They have a pharmacy too in the shopping centre.”

She then came across Kmart and tried to pronounce it but struggled.

“To remind you guys, I’m at a shopping centre and they have a whole deli here … like this is a shopping mall and they have a fresh market.

“America could never ever.”


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