American expat baffled by ‘strange’ Aussie rule

An American expat has been left baffled by one “strange” rule in Australia.

Tate Duane, who recently moved from California to Melbourne, shared a TikTok explaining her surprise that Aussies go as far as getting fined when they put their feet on public transport.

“I never understood why Melbourne public transport is so strict about putting your feet on the seats,” she said in the clip.

“I get that it’s busy and people need to sit down but why are they going to fine someone if no one is here? Let’s just kick our legs up and hang.”

The 23-year-old, who has accumulated 14.3 million likes on her videos, left followers stunned with many branding the act as “disgusting”.

“It’s so unsanitary – if you have been to a men’s toilet you’d appreciate the ‘no feet on seats’ rule,” one Aussie responded.

“Do you also put your shoes on the bed?’ another asked, adding, “Disgusting”.

Others also hit back saying it’s about “cleanliness” and not preventing other people from sitting there.

“I was fined $288 for putting my feet up in an empty carriage late at night – I’ve never done it again,” one man wrote.

“I don’t wanna sit where people’s muddy boots have been,” said another.

According to Public Transport Victoria, passengers can get fined $288 for placing their feet on “anything other than the floor” on public transport without reasonable excuse, while kids under he age of 18 get fined $96.

The biggest fine you can cop is $481 for “interfering with gates or doors on a vehicle or premises”.

All Australian states have the same rule preventing passengers from putting their feet on seats.

In NSW, if a customer is caught with their feet on public transport (train, ferry, coach services) it’s a $100 fine, with the maximum penalty being $1100, Transport NSW states on its site.

Transport New South Wales also has a section on travel etiquette that explains the need for the rule.

“Being courteous makes using public transport more enjoyable for everyone,” the site reads.

Others also commented on Tate’s video saying it’s “about having manners and respect for other people”.

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